Eshop- Instagram Connection (instagram Shop)

Im sure, we are all familiar with the image above...

Yes it is the instagram shop. Even though, this is not a new feature, not many business owners, have taken advantage of this new way to promote their business for FREE and boost sales (especially in markets like Greece and Cyprus). The Instagram shop, is a set of features across the platform that let people shop your photos and videos. That means, that it is easier than ever, to convert one of your followers / profile viewer into a customer.

What are the Advantages of connecting an ecommerce site with Instagram's shop


  • Automated product synchronization, across all platforms.
  • Instantly notify your social media followers about new product.
  • Easy Inventory and product management.
  • Quick monetization and Advertisement of your products on you Instagram & Facebook account.

Thats why, at Your App Website:

  • we suggest the connection of any new eshop with instgram
  • but also, provide the service of connecting any existing ecommerce site with instagrams shop

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